Friday 23 December 2011

Communication (IN A DIFFERENT TONE). TWO

Dear Blogsville Readers,

I hope everyone is feeling fabulous and great. I think some of us are sooo looking forward to spending this Christmas  with that special someone or perhaps enjoying that much needed holiday or maybe just spending time with the family.

As for me, I am looking forward to eating TURKEY...YAY..LOL. NOPE (actually yeah I am).

My sis is in  CHINA (YAY)  and it just me and my mum this Christmas (we are a very small family) (happy smiles). So yeah, Christmas is pretty quiet times in our house. Am looking forward to being thankful as always and appreciating all the ups and downs and grateful that we have a roof over our head and food on the table.

Back to my post,

To be honest I think I have pretty much covered all the seriousness in the previous post lol (chia it was intense). I believe communication is crucial and there are no dimension to it all, however there is a need to be honest and to discuss any issue you know your potential spouse needs to know about you.

This is crucial to avoid unnecessary issues and I know some of us might think we have nothing to ask about or discuss about. Please do not be fooled, if this person is talking deep stuff like MARRIAGE abeg be quick to ask all the relevant questions and proceed to ask God to inspire you with questions to ask.

If the person wants you as they claim, I see no reason why not to ask the question, although some might say I need time to think and get back to you. I do not mind, but I will prefer asking than to ASSUME or keep quiet.

In summary,

Questions are there for a reason, to satisfy our curiosity, desire, confusion and to provide clarity. In addition, it provides an overview for an evaluation. In essence, it gives us an opportunity to consider our options carefully.

Remember: It is better to be safe than sorry.

Note: I have not covered all the topics in the communication post, as there are so many questions you can ask your potential spouse. But I do believe we should ask the questions we are comfortable with and we are willing to share with someone we intend to be serious with.

I actually cannot think of anything else to write about now, other than I need to finish my (epic story, which I think I have jinxed by now lol).

God is love, love yourself and on others too.

Merry Christmas.

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