Friday 4 May 2012

I've Been TAGGED..Whoop....

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Hello People....

So, this is my first ever tag..(beaming with excitement lol). Thanks to Destiny...  I am now tagged and must share the 11 random stuff about me and answer the 11 following questions and TAG 11 people (yepa....). I share a lot of random stuff about me already so this will take alot of digging...

Post the rules
You must post 11 things about yourself.
Answer the questions that your tagger posted for you.
Create 11 questions, then choose 11 people and tag them to answer your questions.
Remember to let them know you tagged them.
No tag backs.
Let the tagger know when you answered their questions.

1) Ooo,I love my company so much that I can spend months and months  in my room and not miss anybody or notice the outside world. Seriously, am not antisocial or psycho.. I am just sooo used to my space.
2)I am a Sunday school teacher and all the children love I think they do.. always calling me aunty, praying for me (during our who wants to pray time)lol.
3)I always make people laugh, lol. whether they are laughing at me (I dont know) or laughing with me (only God knows)lol.
4)I like cooking and I currently have 183 pictures of food posted on my fb. I even have an album dedicated to it.
5)When I was much younger during my boarding house/school years, I used to love hanging around the local canteen.I was like their number one customer but (very shamefully but still proud, its was always about watching the leftovers and munching on it nicely...loool). I am what you call professional (pickfood). I know how to pick food hheheee.. whether its on the floor, table I will eat when is HOT.llool.. Am laughing now, but trust that was hustling mehn....You cant blame me, ohh, its what happens when you have a dysfunctional father that stresses your mother to think  dropping a 4 year in a boarding school will help them avoid drama and grow normally (not in all cases). You get hungry, no mama, no papa around, you have to make do now.. So, been hustling since These things also helped  build my immune system(guessing oh).  During my pick food years, which I think lasted a while maybe till I was six or soo, sha one day, I mistakenly picked a cigarette  for food until I started coughing real hard. My first and last time of smoking. I was only five.(i have had my fair share). No worries.
6) At four years old, I met one of the greatest men who fought for the right of education in Nigeria.  Taiwo Solarin, founder of Mayflower School.
7) I  cant STAND when PEOPLE chew loudly as if they are crunching some serious wood with chainsaw... as in the ones  where you want to put hands over your ears or SCREAM stop chewing LOUD HABA. lol.
8) I always pill the blood of JESUS over my food. No matter what even if I don't want to say (lord's prayer) you will hear me say BLOOD JESUS(friends have taken the micky out of me in the past lol).  Trust me, including chewing gum and mints. I am so used to it now, my subconscious minds picks it up. Although, during prayer session I pray to God to sanctify my food and the viruses oh...

9) I only trust myself to do the best job most times, hence am a control FREAK. not good. I have had to stop doing that and  allow people to demonstrate their talents.

10) I tend to rebuke myself alot through the help of the Holy spireee. When I feel I could have handled things better the littlest things like commenting. I always make a mental note to amend and be better.

11) I  always have shoe polish, I like polishing my shoes in fact, I make the effort to. Mum always had us polish her work shoes. I have being obsessed with them since. I like clean shoes and the times dad spent with us, he had us polish his shoes too, letting us know whether we did a great job or crappy ones. (I do have my good moments with Dad, if am being honest he is the  average monster I paint him to be, but he has good sides to him every now and then,   he was just the wrong partner for mum(will still do a post on it) .

11 Questions from Destiny.

1) The last place you visited?
 errmmmmmmmm a city outside London called Sheffield. I dont think I visited sha, that where my fam are
2) What you ate for lunch?
I had chips and chicken today.
3)Do you have any beauty regime that you always use?
Nope, apart from wash face with soap in the morning. I am good to go. I have pretty cool skin. I have been told its soft and
4) What is your favourite beauty product?
I like using Nivea body lotion if that counts as beauty product.
5) Do you have one weakness and how you overcame it?
I used to be very narrowminded i.e. may come across judgmental. I prayed to be more loving  and not come across brash. Besides, life is not in black and white.
6)What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
 I am yet to discover. Apart from confessing/accepting Jesus and graduating with a great degree. I think its existence.
7)What reality show do you watch all the time?
ooo I love THE APPRENTICE... always watch UK and USA.
8) Have you done something for anyone this year?
The year is still young but done a couple of things. Yeah, I prayed for people that I didn't know through prayer points received in my email. Oh I took my family for dinner on me for the first time. that was huge.
9)Tell me about your day?
Its all about looking for jobs oohh and doing this postgrad thing. I cant wait to finish so help me God.
10) What type of man do you love?
The type that has COMMON SENSE and USES IT WISELY.On a serious note, I dont have a type per ser but I do respect guys that have good morals and right attitude all the time. I dont mind the ones  that can sing and dance and has juicy lips and sexy bum with nice biceps and loves JESUS.(OK, I need to renew my mind lol).  I do strongly love me some prayer warrior guy, a guy that can get on his knees and pray like no other and open his voice and spirit to the Lord. A type of man that knows himself without any doubt and knows his inner ambitions in life. I love the type that are honest, transparent, helpful, encouraging,  CONFIDENT and above all GETS IT "he knows how to treat a woman". I think its a combination of a lot of things to be honest. so am gonna stop here.
11) What is your favourite song?
ermmm dont think I have one yet. But I love positive songs with meaningful lyrics.

Phewwww (Done).

11 Questions from DHK

1)What hairstyle are you currently rocking?
2)How long did you spend in primary school?
3)What is your naughtiest moment ?
4)How do you express your anger?
5)What would you spend your last penny on?
6)When was the last time you treated yourself to a niceeeeeee warm food?
7) Who was the last person you said  "I love you " to?
8) What is your favourite take away dish?
9) How do you eat in public, spoon, knife, fork or hands, loud, quiet, slow, fast etc?
10)Do you polish your shoes?
11)What are your thoughts on after life?

My taggesss are:
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Enjoy doing this.... Lol.

Thanks for reading.

God is love.


  1. Yay! Thanks love. These your questions would open my bombom outside but they seem fun lol.

    En en, did you say boarding school at 4?? As in, omo odun merin? Pls come here, I need to hug you tight. I was probably still sucking breast at 4

    So you're a foodie! Gen gen. Oya come & adopt me o! Abi we can be friendship @least. What say you?

    Your type of man is making me laugh soo hard lol. Thank God you gat Jesus. Thanks for the tag love. I still wana hug you though

    1. The questions are serious ones ohh.... as in.. they are deep. just realised it ohh..sorry.. lool..... cant wait for the post. I anticipate laughter.

      Thank you ohh... yes me want the hug sef.. I suffer small sha.. I was four ohh, and they had to say I was five to allow me to stay. I was way too young and small too. You should have seen, I looked

      Yes oh am a foodie oh... will adopt you... first sign me a check of lets say the highest you can offer..lool..

      I am glad it made you lool..

      Thanks for the love.. xxx

  2. Love reading your tag, and getting to know u better. I love how spiritual u are, keep it up.

    1. awww thanks love. am glad u enjoyed reading it. I am thankful that my blog conveys my true identity.

  3. A lovely one there and it really made me know you more. A rough childhood but thank God it turned out for your own good.

    I agree with you about needing a mind renewal in your choice of a man (lool). God has your best interest at heart and does not reason as we reason. Anyway, what matters most like you said , is a man that has a FULL ACCESS to the THRONE OF GRACE. I pray God to grant you such a man.

    About answering your questions on my wall; I might not be able cos I don't have much blogger friends to tag - just about 5 - so let me leave it pending for now.

    Anyway, lovely idea. All the best..

    1. hey hun, thanks for reading. am glad you enjoyed it.. YAY...

      AMEN TO THE PRAYER. THANK U very much for the blessing..

      Ok, no worries just not in your diary and make sure u do it ohh..lool...

      thanks for visiting.

  4. ahahhaah, i simply loved your answers and questions...boarding school at age 4?..hmm! you try oo, but couldn't help laughing at you always standing by the canteen picking food..though kind of sad though, just imagining a 4year old...well, it made you stronger and do have a sense of humour...i noticed that.

    Thanks so much for the tagging..would do my best to answer your questions.

    p.s, you are much appreciated. Let me have your e-mail please, this is

    1. Yes ohh.... @4 only but was turning five in the coming month. Lol, yes ohh it made me stronger besides, am not ashamed because at the time I thought it was fun in fact I got a thrill out of doing it. I thought people were mad to leave food in such plenty. I was like the ring leader sef. Chai, I used to just stay outside, watch and keep watching and prayed the person left three slices of dun dun (fried yam) and plaintain and will munch it down with so much happiness and pride. lol.

  5. For the fact that i love you so much, i hereby give you the award LIEBSTER AWARD. The word is German oriented meaning favourite.

    Have put in on your blog.
    I noticed blogger had done some house cleaning, hence you didn't understand....ok let me explain again.

    On your NAVAR BAR, you would see on it.
    By the right column when it opens, scroll down and click on LAYOUT.
    Before then SAVE THE images in your computer file by right clicking on the images in my blog.
    In the LAYOUT, you would see ADD any one you like. When it opens up, scroll down until you get to where there is a PICTURE OF TREE, click it.
    Then click BROWSE when it opens up, pick the image from your computer file, after uploading, click save.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you once more for the tagging..have done it..not easy oooo...ehehehehe

  6. Great answers, me love me some of my company too, lol...but boarding at 4, wow! Well, I think you turned out great, I mean check out your dream guy, iLike!

    1. LOL... thank you hun... I turned out great by his grace. it was all part of my learning experience....

  7. Great Post!! I love my own company too! Give me a good book, a rainy day and a quiet house…hmmm.. Nirvana!

  8. You're one funny person sha..good to know more about you..

    Thanks for tagging me, but about that, I don't think I would be able to answer the questions and tag others 'cos I don't have up to 11 blog friends..
    Maybe someday I'll get the chance to...Thanks

  9. Awwww.. thanks for the tag dear. lol @ blood of Jesus on everything. Hahahahhaha.

    1. hey love... long time no see...

      u are welcome... glad u enjoyed it..

  10. Thanks for the tag. You are one tough cookie

  11. I am done...Doing my tagging now!

  12. I've finally completed my tag. Thanks again for tagging me


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