Friday 11 October 2013

When sharing your opinion is considered Negative

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 Wow someone is on a roll with posts.Anyways I think its a good thing that am feeling inspired to write more posts. 

What is this topic about?

In general, I am not one to pour sand in people's garri but if something does not feel right or can be done better  then I will  try to give an opinion that is constructive or better still worthy.
Now this is the way I think, if someone gives me negative attitude or comments or whatever depending on the scenario etc.Sometimes there is an element of truth in what they are saying,  it is just the way it was said  that will probably stung more. I guess  I now have the choice on how to deal with it/how it will affect me.

Personally, the meaning of negativity  is subjective to each individual and their  personality. I am generally critical with myself more than others around me so when someone is critical with me I don't mind as long as I know is coming from a place of love and care. If it isn't I will know but it still does not take a hold on me because I don't allow it to. Instead, I channel it all into positive energy and I thank God for that ability.

The internet and social media platforms has given a voice to every tom, dick and harry, so  when do we draw the line between people that generally spill out negative comments or those that give a harsh comment and its  considered negative.
I read alot of posts on Bella Naija, and I find that when a commentator has a different opinion that does   not necessarily tally to everyone then the person is negative(you should read Linda Ikeji now that serious venom)lol. For instance, the recent post I read was on a makeup/different tribes or brides we have in Nigeria. I went through the pics thinking its nice (I am not a make up person as you can tell from my pics so if it has dents and holes I probably wont notice). The only part was the yoruba bit I didn't like because it wasn't working as the fringe was exposed under the gele. Cut to the chase, some comments were about the make-up, photoshop etc. Some even said they could do a better job etc etc.Some attacked others that commented on the make up etc.

The truth is,I read the comments (i left my own too) but I could understand when people said they didn't like something which was fine because we can't please everyone but to say they are hating I felt it  was unnecessary.I hate to think each time we leave a comment it has to be something nice or pleasant etc. The honest truth is, it can't all be nice and it won't all be nice all the time.It is the ones that give a generous amount of criticism that actually  help to develop the person's work and make it better. Someone will always spot the mistakes and discuss them,  now it is the way they chose to say it that makes the difference but just because someone leaves a harsh comment does not mean they are negative perhaps it needed for that time to help you up.
I am not saying it is appropriate to dish out harsh comments or unpleasant things No it is not. But sometimes we need that to be better.
An acquaintance  that also bake cakes like me made a comment about my cake, did it hurt yes,( I know her to be envious) so when she said it, did it make me give up Nope, instead I was more determined to improve as ever. 

Point is, not all comments are negative and not all negative comments  come from a negative person. I believe in sifting through things, take the ones that you need and ditch the rest. There is no need to attack or not attack we are not enemies nah.  If you felt someone was negative either you understand its their personality and clearly stay away from them or  its not their personality confront them and they will explain themselves.If you can't confront them  as  it is via social media, just see it  as a platform to tell your story. We need people that will help us to help ourselves through their comments. There is no need for attacking people personally or private life  abeg just take the good, assess the bad and have fun with the ugly.

Is it easy to deal with it and move on. No, not in all cases but you are not the first to go through the situation and certainly wont be the last. Channel that energy into something positive and allow your inner ambition to rocket high. Your biggest critics will help you to sell out in the end cos they will talk about how well you have improved etc.

Thanks for reading.
Be Blessed and Stay blessed.
God is Love.

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  1. True talk. Though I think some people just want to be controversial.

    1. Hey Myne,
      Thanks for visiting...
      Yep,I concur with you on that one o. x

    2. Internet bullying is on the high...most gossip blogs thrive on that.

  2. very true some of the comment people leave make me wonder if the are angels, some people can never see anything good in somebody, and it funny how life is most times they bring people down to make themselves feel good, that is just sad.

    1. Hey hun, thanks for visiting and contributing.
      You are right... its sad that people leave bad comments and say horrible things.
      But its important to rise above it all. x

  3. hi hon, missed u plenty.
    the social media really does thrive on controversy. U r right tho about pointing out things in love.
    Nasty comments will surely come from folks either virtual or real, its impt to dust the gunk off ur shoulders and keep pressing on.


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