Thursday 31 October 2013


Hello Blogsville,

Its been a while, I hope we are all well and blessed.
Thanks for stopping by and checking on the blog.

I have been busy with many things amongst them was my bday.....YAY.
I did say I will upload pics too.
It started out alright we drove all the way to Birmingham thank God for journey mercies.
Had some pedicure etc and off we went to get ready... my make-up courtesy of my sis  who did an amazing job btw.
After that, we bundled into the car and went to the lovely Akbar Restaurant which has a fantastic decor and excellent customer service and later some of us went to African Village and boy did I dance to afrobeats.. lol.
I must say I expected more turn out but more than happy with closest friends who traveled far and wide.... muahh to you sweets.. x
The pictures tell the story. I also baked my birthday cake.


Thanks for visiting and reading.
P.S. I cut a different cake on the night.

God bless you and  your love ones. xxx

New jam btw, no clue what it means


  1. Lovely, You look Good! Love the dress and cake! :)

  2. You look amazeballs!!! Happy belated birthday love *hugs*

    1. Happy smiles at amazeballs..
      thank u hun..... xxxxx

  3. Nice hair and dress. Happy birthday in advance.

  4. See red not a lesbian oh...but that's the only thing I noticed aside the

  5. lovely dress, love the hair and everything! you had lots of fun I know cos the pictures says it all!. belated happy birthday, have an awesome November!

    1. awww thanks babe..
      i did have loads of fun :).xx
      You too love. x

  6. Happy belated birthday and that's a beautiful dress!

  7. happy belated birthday, you look lovely.


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