Sunday 10 November 2013

Going back to my value and believe system

Hello Everyone,

I trust we are well.
I am thankful to all the comments I had on my last post *so sweet*. I am grateful for  everything including the opportunity to blog. x

Back to the topic of the day.
I will make this short and sweet (hopefully lol).

Each and every individual  has  a different value system and by that I mean what we are truly guided by e.g. our core unshakable  principles which can be  influenced by a  variety of sources. The other thing also is  we all have different believe system i.e. what we hold onto whether its spiritual,mental, physical etc. I think its almost the same thing but they are slightly different. What I mean by value system is what governs your principles, actions and state of mind. For example,your  principle might include zero tolerance for cheating. That means you don't like cheating and  you don't cheat others in essence you are fair so it reflects in your actions that means you avoid that path at all costs.The believe system is what governs your motives, ideologies and views etc. For example, to accept its wrong to lie and there is a punishment for it etc. Having said that, some of our values and believe system might be similar in some situations yet again different because the measure we all use to judge situations will most certainly be different to others. Like me, I don't mind returning clothes if I wore it once even if I have danced in it which I have done once btw ages ago cos I thought I wont need it anymore but my sister on the other hand is totally against it which some of us will agree, yes I see her point and where she is coming from but I at the time I was in different etc. Probably won't return something have worn anymore except in extreme cases. Anyways you get the gist.

So what does this mean and why am I writing about this jargon philosophy etc. This is because I came to a recent understanding which I will admit is work in progress.
As an individual like some of us might tell, am a positive person, as in I try as much as possible to dwell on the good things not the bad but if anything  learn from it. It might appear that my world is rosy sometimes based on what I share  on this  blog but the truth is my world is full of all sorts but  its mostly full of roses because I chose for it to be that way. Since, I can remember I have always being positive and incredibly optimistic you can't beat my optimism, an ex of mine used to tell me I had a gift of faith. Anyhoo, there have been situations and times where I am trusting for something although I couldn't see it but I believed and professed what I wanted despite all the negatives, including the  highs and lows and to the glory of God I do have testimonies out of it. As long as I don't a)give into doubt because it comes in leaps and bounds b)I keep seeing and believing in that very thing I want and working towards it making sure my motives are genuine.  Its fair to admit that not everything works according to what I imagine but sometimes  it does work out better than or in a different way than I imagine which I guess I  get to learn from either way I know for sure God has a better plan which makes it even more exciting.

Why am I blogging about it? It is because in the past I have experienced some things that have made me doubt the need to be more  positive and optimistic. While I know that the world is not in  black and white I must admit I have  allowed the not so good  experiences and even other people experiences influence and   shake my value and believe system making me more complacent and indifferent in short  "not bothered".  The truth is, this attitude of indifference might work for other people but I don't believe it is for me. I felt maybe I was too naive and I should try to be maybe "liberal" and go with the flow like" if it happens it happens "and "if it does not it does not", either way life is good. To an extent I think its good to think this way because it kinda helps to deal with disappointments but it can also have an effect that I don't think its healthy.Yeah, in some situations I will perhaps be less expectant e.g. the turn outs for my birthday but I do  believe this attitude is making me less positive and more negative. I get the gist of thinking this way, i.e."what will be will be" or "whatever happens happens" but  this way makes  me less hungry, less passionate, very lazy and also adopt a defeat attitude. I don't want to be "what will be will be," we are all masters of our destiny and I should be hungry to fight for what is right and approval. Anything can be "what will be will be" but if everyone felt that way the world will not be where it is today. Truth is "what will be will probably  be" but not after we have fought the good fight and its pays off.

Cut to the chase, I am going back to my value and believe system  going with the flow and whatever happens etc works for some people but for me I am not a go with the flow person, I am not whatever happens happens person, I am not what will be will be, I am not fair enough, I am not a bunch of cliches. I am a woman of faith that believes in the power of positive thinking and dreams because in life nothing is impossible.  I am a woman that is grateful for life experiences and lessons but always chose to have a testimony at the end and appreciate it is not my doing nor my power.  For me,I have chosen to make my value and believe system work for me if it is God that I believe so be it, if things don't happen the way I want  I believe there is a lesson to be learnt and something better is around the corner no matter what my expectations are.

I challenge you to go back to the drawing board,  access the bad, take the good and have fun with the ugly.

God bless. x

In the mean time... found this YT video, she is very bubbly alright.


  1. our value system is the core of our being. It defines who we are.....our interaction with other people or their perception of life affects or weakens our value system

    1. yes o. i couldn't agree more.. thanks for stopping by babes...


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